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Ognen Duzlevski

Senior tinkerer.


The ground had been parched for months now - we are down a few inches from normal rainfall for this year. Last night we (finally) received about an inch or rain in a thunderstorm that lingered around for about an hour or so. This is by far not enough to make up for the lack of rain but it is a welcome amount of water for our crunchy grass and thirsty fruit trees.

As we slowly wind up summer, our bees are starting to prepare for winter. Goldenrod, wingstem and to some degree ironweed are flowering; the bees can be seen bringing in pollen in their attempt to collect enough honey for winter.

September and October are traditionally the time around here to plant winter crops and cover crops such as winter wheat, annual ryegrass, winter peas, clover etc. We will be busy plowing our fields and doing the planting as well.