Ognen Duzlevski bio photo

Ognen Duzlevski

Senior tinkerer.


We had to bush hog one of our fields (about 3-4 acres) in order to be able to see all the rocks in the field (since it became overgrown with grasses and weeds). The cut was high, to protect the blades on the implement but now we can see the rocks - there are so many of them! Spent some time collecting some of them and will continue today. I am going to be picking up our c-tine field cultivator some time this morning - this tool will be used to rip up grasses and break up the sod in the fields and gardens. Hopefully we can get to planting salads and other fall veggies tomorrow and this weekend!

Also spent some time yesterday weeding the fence lines with the new gas-powered trimmer (after the electric one packed it in after a year of existence and use). It is tough going because we let the fences get overgrown.

We do not use chemicals on the farm - except in one case - poison ivy/oak. For some reason we got a patch of poison oak in one of our hay fields and that stuff needs to be dealt with decisively and forcefully and a chemical is only way to kill it before it spreads. A targeted application was done today and hopefully we do not see it crop up again.