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Ognen Duzlevski

Senior tinkerer.


Yesterday we started on extracting all the rock from the two fields (about 7-8 acres) that we disked last year. They do not call the nearby town Rocky Mount for nothing! Lots of rock and lots more left. To add to the job, the field is starting to look overgrown with weeds and grasses, making the rocks more difficult to find (main reason for removing them is that they interfere with equipment). The rocks are of various sizes and good quality - one that can build stone pathways, walls and homes! Hmm….

As part of our farm strategy, we are downsizing in everything so that we can focus on the land only. This means selling our nice living quarters horse trailer and downsizing our new diesel Ford for an older one. We finally found a buyer for the trailer and if things go as planned, it will be sold by the end of this week. To that end we spent a few hours yesterday cleaning it out and preparing it for the new owner. Keep your fingers crossed!

They are calling for rain tonight and overnight - of course, why wouldn’t they? It is just garden planting and field prep for fall/winter cover crops season!

Today I will probably spend time working on the mower (it is snapping deck belts like twigs!), trimming fence lines and bush hogging fields and then collecting rocks from the fields. I do need a pair of new gloves for that as the rocks seem to be inundated with black widow spiders! I also need to look into a c-tine field cultivator at Tractor Supply as it seems to be the only (cheap?) way to rip up grass and stir the ground in preparation for field cover crop planting for winter.