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Ognen Duzlevski

Senior tinkerer.


We got some more rain a few days ago. The hay fields are liking the rain, although we will not be getting a cutting this late in the season. The tomatoes and peppers are still producing. I spent the day yesterday working on the walk-behind tiller - there is something that is stuck in the transmission and the tiller will not “walk” forward, rendering it useless. We need the ground prepared to put salad seeds in, already late with the planting! Tasks on the list today - work on the fence lines with the weed trimmer, they are starting to look shabby and overgrown. The mower belt broke a few days ago and now I have to spend time looking at it as well - the question is one of why I am losing mower deck belts. The weather is cool today and will be for the next whole week - perfect grass and fall garden growing weather!

I am trying to learn about mechanical cultivation tools for our fields - tillage is the only way I know when it comes to multiple acres soil bed prep. No-till seems to be much easier/cheaper in the veggie plots.