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Ognen Duzlevski

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Just as soon as I wrote about lack of rain, yesterday we received 3/4s of an inch of rain in a quick moving storm. The sky got dark and cloudy around noon and thunder could be heard for an hour or more. By then I thought it would be one of those storms that brought rain everywhere else but us (yes, farmers often think of uncooperative weather as of a conspiracy and there is a fair amount of jealousy involved!), but then the skies opened and the much expected and wished for rain arrived.

Today we spread fertilizer on the two horse paddocks - it is the pelleted chicken based organic one that can be spread using a PTO powered fertilizer spreader. Now the paddocks smell like, well, heavy fertilizer!

I finished fertilizing the fruit trees and then brought over the mower to change the belt tomorrow. Another repair that is urgent and necessary is fixing the walk-behind tiller as the salads, broccolis, kales and really all of the fall garden seeds should have been in the ground last week!

The bees were bearding on their boxes, must have been the heat and humidity.

Tried collecting wonderberries but there are so many of them ripe, it will take hours to get them all. Wonderberry/huckleberry preserves here we come!

Tomatoes and peppers are still producing like crazy, tomorrow will be another day of picking and making tomato sauce for the freezer. We are eating tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers every day in large quantities.

I wish I had a PTO powered rotary tiller, that would save me a lot of time and would help preparing the fields for larger scale plantings of wheat and cover crops. Without the tiller I may be forced to plow and disk but plowing brings out so many rocks, all it does is create work for collecting them. Wish I had the time to build something with the rocks, plenty of supply and they are of good building quality! The truck is going to the shop tomorrow for an oil change and a checkup.