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Ognen Duzlevski

Senior tinkerer.


It has been hot and dry for the last month or so, we have not received any significant rainfall. The grass in the hay fields is yellow and dry. Farm tasks are piling up but such is life when people work and they purchased a property that needs rehab. Inch by inch we will turn this property around.

Today I started fertilizing and watering the fruit trees in the orchard. The paw-paws were planted in direct sun (which was a mistake) and it shows, we may or may not be able to salvage them. Fortunately, I have about 4-5 starts ready to be planted, this time in a quiet, shady location by the creek, where they belong. The apples look pitiful as well but they are in better shape. Peaches are not stellar either but still alive. The mulberries, apricots and persimmons are doing just fine (lesson here somewhere!).

The lindens we planted (ten trees) are suffering - first they got attacked by Japanese beetles and then the dry spell. I will see if I can help them live through this. It would be nice to save these beautiful and fragrant trees.

The bees are doing great - the two hives that were queenless (or with poorly performing queens) survived and there is brood in the chambers! One of them is even a great layer, so happy to see it. We are in a dearth now and their stores are depleted so we decided to feed sugar syrup until goldenrod and other fall plants start flowering. I would love to split the swarm hive but am not sure if it should be done so late in the season.

We should be planting the fall gardens now and preparing to plant wheat and cover crops for the fall/winter season. A lot of work ahead!