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Ognen Duzlevski

Senior tinkerer.



I have been playing with computers for the last 28 years (wow, time DOES fly!). Between an undergrad in Computer Science, a stint in grad school and a varied career in bioinformatics, computational finance, social media etc. - I like to think I have sampled it all. Languages I play with these days? OCaml, Scala, some Python, C. That’s it!

As for the rest of life’s interests, I am strongly convinced that the corporate structures owning America today are on the path to destroy its middle class. As a result I have written a series of papers researching what is happening and offering suggestions on how to dampen the impact of such changes on a household (as much as possible). Said research and resulting measures and skills are documented here.

So, why “Gluten-Free Cowboy”? The construct may sound a bit strange as its two members are not often connected together in people’s minds. Well, I am gluten free and I have a horse I have ridden everywhere (and still do!). However, on a different level, it also says a lot about the range of topics I cover and about the (sometimes diametrically opposing) views that I take. I am not blindly guided by any ideology, hence, depending on the topic, what comes out may be put in the “liberal” camp of thought but also it may end up being on the other end (“right” or “conservative”). At the end, I believe Americans used (!) to be pragmatic people - this is what made our nation so great. These days we are decidedly less so and much more divided along party lines, financial motivations and (sadly) dogma. For me, it is about trying to see the world as it is and everything I say or think has to be supported by facts and research.